Hey guys! Thanks for talking to us at Techno Mood. First up, we never knew you were cousins! How did you both come to be in music and only now collaborate?

VC/A: Hey! Thanks for having us, yes, we are cousins!
Victor: I was inspired by my older brother. Growing up he was always playing music and djing in our house. He had a massive record collection I would explore and learn about the artist and producers at the time.
Avision: I grew up with no choice but to like music lol, my Dad was the one who showed me everything from an early age, and since then I’ve been hooked.
VC /A: We always knew that one day we would end up working together, it was more about the right time, and not rushing the process. We’ve worked in the studio, and shared music with each other in the past years, but now we dialled in on our sound together and feel like we can make a bigger impact.

Do you think it’s been harder or easier to work with a relative than a friend / colleague?
VC/A: We have a great relationship, it’s very easy for us to work together. We’re pretty open and honest with each other when we have to make decisions, so that saves us from making things difficult.

The relaunch of MATTER+ is what you have joined forces to do. The first single ‘Chemical’ is out. Tell us about the sound of this EP.
VC/A: The EP is meant to fill the void of that in between House & Techno. It’s a very well balanced EP that will make you feel like you’re at a New York after-hours. We feel that it touches a little bit of everything from groove, melody, emotion, and deepness.

Why now? Why relaunch the label and not start something new together?
VC/A : We felt that it was the right timing. Conceptually MATTER+ left off in a great place, and it felt right to relaunch a brand that had amazing prior releases, branding, and reputation.

Victor, why did you decide to put the label on a hiatus for 5 long years?
Victor: When I first launched MATTER+ back in 2015, I did not have a team to help me run the label. It became overwhelming, and I wasn’t able to give it the attention it deserved so I decided to pause it, and re-group. Now with Anthony, and a team coming on board to help run and curate the label we feel like this time we can re-launch with a clear plan.

We’ve heard that the launch party will be on the 1st June at Public Records in Brooklyn – what is the vibe of the venue and are you guys playing b2b?
VC/A: The vibe is amazing, Public Records really showcases what a good underground vibe should be. It has a phenomenal “Sound Room” where as a DJ you would play a certain way, and not question yourself. The simplicity of the room, and the small details really makes it a DJ’s dream. We are really looking forward to playing B2B at home, and bringing the MATTER+ vibe to a special room like this.

How important has NY been to your sound and the sound of MATTER+? Can you tell us some major influences for the both of you from NY?
VC/A: New York is deep rooted in our sound, and has had a major influence on the both of us.
V: My big influences have been Larry Levan, Junior Vazquez, Timmy Regisford.
Avision: For me obviously Victor. I’m also a true old school disco fan, so Larry Levan is someone I always have on my list. A few others are guys like Dennis Ferrer, David Morales, Danny Tenaglia, & Masters At Work to name a few. The list can go on and on.

What sets MATTER+ apart from other labels?
VC/A: What will set MATTER+ apart from other labels, is our plan to stay diverse and make sure each release has its own identity. We feel that it’s important to take on artists who want to push the envelope a bit more, and not be afraid to take risks. We plan to spread out across a few genres rather than sticking to one.

Release wise, what’s to come after your initial collab ‘Chemical’ EP?
VC/A: We have the next few releases lined up. The next EP is a collaboration EP by Victor Calderone & MYKOL called “Club Life” which includes an Avision Remix, followed by another collaboration EP with Avision & Xander called “Whatever”. After that, we have a few up & coming local artists that we’re really excited about.

Chemical (Intro Mix) is out now: