Vinyl Mode is the latest artist to join the interview series. An underground DJ and Producer who’s been championing the dance scene in the Middle East. He discusses his latest works with MDLBEAST, his excitement for the upcoming Soundstorm event and how he see’s the artis and culture shifting in the region.

In short, who is Vinyl Mode and where did your journey start in the music scene?
Muhanned Nasser aka Vinyl Mode is a DJ/Producer in Jeddah’s underground dance scene, born in Saudi Arabia where he was exposed to an array of rich cultures and traditions. This shaped my artistic outlook and influenced my creative approach to expression. My journey started in my bedroom in KSA where I took it out and started my real journey of creating the underground scene in KSA.

The Pandemic was a challenging moment for all, what did you learn about yourself most?
Really I learned so much during the pandemic and the most important thing is to focus on developing myself and my musical creations. Have a flow and stay consistent. Consistency is the key.

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? What role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art and personal relationships play in your music?
The impulse to create comes when I have peace of mind! I usually like to keep myself in the present state of mind and connect with nature. Dreams are a good source of inspiration for me too and other forms of art like visual art are always a main source for me. I have a weekly performance at the beach where I play long sets along with visual artists where we paint dead walls and bring them to life (live art and music sessions). Relationships too as it gives emotional and motivational support. It is only up to you how to use these energies and redirect them for your own good.

Tell us about the track you produced to help launch MDLBEAST”s label?
I have few projects scheduled with MDLBEAST records but the latest one released (Eshg Alsamar) This project is dear to my heart:
This piece talks about a breakup, it is actually a touching story about a man with a broken heart which inspired me to turn this situation from a sad drama into a message of hope via sound. All the artists worked on this project are locals. Artists Involved in this project includes Ataa Alahdab – Guitar, Moayyad Alnefaie – Vocals, Albo3d Altase3 – Vocals, Raghad Alahmad: Artwork, Calligraphy: Muhammed Ramzy

Specifically, MDLBEAST will present their flagship Soundstorm festival, one of the largest in the Middle East; how excited are you to be part of this huge moment?
I never thought this would happen in my home country! I’m beyond excited to be around all my superheroes and even open for some of them. We are living the dream!

Over the years, how have you seen the Middle East become more aligned with dance music, has there been a noticeable shift?
Definitely we are bringing the dance culture to life, giving them the right platform and empowering them to continue doing it.

What’s been the best moment of your career so far? So many moments cant choose one lol!
MDLBEAST soundstorm 2019 – was performing the underground stage. Opened for Jamie Jones, Peggy Gou and Solomun. When I was almost done with my set and looked behind me and saw Jamie Jones nudging his head to my beats and waiting to come in. That moment! I have manifested it. Also the moment I went to Peggy before her set and introduced myself; i love Peggy and it was just a crazy moment standing in front of her and talking to her directly! Also when i had my art residency in Paris i had the honor to perform live on the World Music Day (Fête de la Musique).

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, what would be your most ideal way to celebrate?
Since 10 years or even more i always like to do NYE in my town because i think “if i dont do a sick event then whos gonna do it? I can’t leave the community behind” so might do it again here OR might do something completely different and travel with my girlfriend to watch the stars in Norway.