French artist Nicola Vega recently released two tracks titled “Al Hurub” and “Kas Saghir” in collaboration with producer Dane Carter, on the Cafe De Anatolia label. The tracks are a fusion of organic and oriental house, and feature a range of traditional Arabic instruments, including the oud, violin, mandole, qanun, darbuka, doumbek, clarinet, tremble and ping cymbals.

Vega cites his upbringing in a neighborhood with a large population of Algerian and Moroccan immigrants in France during the 90s as a major influence on his love for Arabic music and fascination with oriental instruments. He recalls being drawn to the sound of “Alaoui” from the “Orchestre National de Barbes”, a group known for their blend of traditional North African music with modern influences.

The inspiration for “Al Hurub” and “Kas Saghir” came during Vega’s regular performances during sunset at a resort in Phuket, Thailand. He wanted to create his own sunset tracks and draw from his love of Arabic music, but he didn’t want to rely on sample packs that could result in a generic sound. Instead, he reached out to his friend and talented producer Dane Carter, who was based in Dubai at the time and had access to a wealth of oriental musicians and vocalists.

The process for creating the tracks involved recording live instrumentation and sending parts back and forth between Vega and Carter, until they achieved the desired sound. The end result is a unique fusion of organic and oriental house, with a blend of traditional and modern elements that perfectly captures the sunset vibe Vega was aiming for.

“Al Hurub” and “Kas Saghir” are a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of authentic instrumentation in creating music that stands out in a crowded field. With his latest release, Vega proves himself to be a true artist, drawing on his personal experiences and cultural background to create music that is both meaningful and enjoyable.