We know Noisebuilder as the enfant terrible and rebellious of French electronic music. Insatiable creative and indelible producer of the underground landscape for 3 decades. This jack-of-all-trades of genius accumulates in his inventory nearly 100 vinyl records, numerous cds, k7s, dvds, lives… and has created internationally recognized labels such as Megalow records, Junky robot… etc.

We also know him for his many collaborations with Popof, with whom he created POLE MX (their production company) and together they also founded the famous Heretik System, whose timeless Noisebuilder recently left after 25 years of good and loyal services. No doubt that his genius will be missed by the crew and that the latter will no longer have the same flavor!

Noisebuilder didn’t take the opportunity to take a vacation! Quite the contrary! The latter seems more determined than ever to assert himself in his art and in his creative bulimia! His new EP “Introspector EP” is like the Parisian virtuoso: timeless and indomitable. We find the famous “touch” of the producer; pop and groovy sounds associated with a bass line with a frenetic and dark breath. The EP Introspector seems to tell us, once again, that Noisebuilder’s cornucopia is far from empty and it demonstrates the marked appetite of the essential producer who does not seem to tire of this perpetual search for evolution and perfection.

His latest “studies” around bass music have clearly brought to this EP a technical mastery of power and the ratio: comfort/frustration which propels us to the gates of voluptuousness and satisfaction with the help of his similar bass lines. to jubilant spasms and to the groovy and absolutely hard pop underground drop of his melodies. Noisebuilder here offers us an immersive musical experience and takes the listener to explore evocative soundscapes and rich textures. The EP Introspector clearly bears the artistic signature of the enigmatic producer who offers us an EP where raw energy mixes with emotional depth and devastating sounds.

The inflexible and unclassifiable Noisebuilder affirms with this EP his status as an unbeatable underground tekno and we long to hear his new creations on the facades of clubs and festivals! Noisebuilder celebrates 30 years of career this year! A longevity that says a lot about the multiple talents of the composer, who we never take long to see reappear on the release radar with his signature tracks that are always as groovy and effective as they are dark and hypnotic.