Murugan’s latest release, “Meremajakan,” on the Cafe De Anatolia Record Label, captures the essence of the artist’s first post-COVID vacation to Bali. The Bahasa term “Meremajakan” means rejuvenate, and Murugan has brilliantly captured that energy in his new track.

The artist’s experience at Savaya, an iconic super club in Bali, inspired him to create this track. He speaks about the feeling of being back to life, back to music, and being able to listen to talented artists live, not through small speakers at home. His experience was surreal, and he wanted to capture that magical sonic experience in his music.

With the release of “Meremajakan,” Murugan has brought together the Balinese energy and Balkan vibrations, creating a track that captures the essence of his experience in Bali. This track is a testament to the power of music and how it can bring people together, even during a pandemic.

Cafe De Anatolia is known for promoting organic house music and supporting up-and-coming artists in the genre. Murugan acknowledges the record label as his main reference point and a constant source of inspiration. It’s clear that Cafe De Anatolia recognizes the talent and creativity of Murugan, as they have released his latest work.

The release of “Meremajakan” is a celebration of music and the joy it brings to people’s lives. It’s a reminder that even during difficult times, music can provide an escape and rejuvenate the soul. Murugan’s track is a testament to the power of music and the importance of being able to experience it live.

In conclusion, Murugan’s newest release, “Meremajakan,” on the Cafe De Anatolia Record Label is a must-listen for anyone who loves organic house music. It’s a track that captures the essence of a post-COVID vacation and the joy of experiencing music live. With Cafe De Anatolia’s support, Murugan has created a track that is sure to be a hit with fans of the genre. So, sit back, relax, and let the Balinese energy and Balkan vibrations take you on a journey with Murugan’s “Meremajakan.”