Blossoming from the Chicago underground, rising producer Daniel Dejman returns to the release radar with an epic two-track offering. His new EP, ‘ŌRU’, features a tantalizing blend of techno sensibilities that serve as another shining addition to expanding discography. Daniel Dejman continues to showcase his knack for hard-hitting techno productions with each subsequent release. Out now, the ‘ŌRU’ EP is available to stream across platforms.

The two-track EP opens with commanding force as the first track, ‘Nori Nori’, immediately captivates the listener with stabbing synths that yearn for an underground rave. The track continues to escalate with tangible urgency before erupting into a whirlwind of hard techno elements that propel the energetic atmosphere from start to finish. As the world begins to welcome live events back, ‘Nori Nori’ is primed to serve as an enticing addition to any dark warehouse setlist. The second offering, ‘Asobō’, features a compellingly rich bassline that is unique yet perfectly cohesive to the entire package. The alluring cut immerses the listener into a spine-tingling sonic landscape that proves its peak-time worth. Dejman incorporates a slew of distorted instrumentals in ‘Asobō’ that create pulsating depth for the duration of the track. Overall, the two-track EP is another monumental addition to Daniel Dejman’s rolodex.

Building off the momentum from the recent remix of Gregor Tresher’s ‘A Thousand Nights’, Daniel Dejman’s first original offering of 2021 proves to be worth the wait. ‘ŌRU’ is a culmination of Dejman’s talent and a promising look into what’s to come from the producer.