Frankyeffe is on a collision course with Factory 93 Records by way of ‘Asteroid / Monkey,’ an impactful two-pronged effort marking his debut for the burgeoning imprint.

Hailing from the vibrant scene in his hometown of Rome, Francesco Fava has persisted as a diehard techno champion for the last two decades and counting. Known to discerning heads by his Frankyeffe alias, the Italian stalwart has showcased his staying power through a prolific catalog that has seen him rub shoulders with a staggering list of like-minded artists including Enrico Sangiuliano, Reinier Zonneveld, Teenage Mutants, Loco & Jam, and more. His unremitting output has not only stood the test of time but has also found its way onto almost every credible stable worth their salt. Factory 93 is proud to be opening its catalog up to the industrious producer, who comes hurtling down with a planet-sized double-sided single large enough to be classified as an extinction-level event.

The lead cut “Asteroid” roars from the get-go with its wall-rattling percussion. A cavernous kick and crisp hat combo signals to the impending doom, while a gurgling triplet orbits around clattering drum fills on a plummeting path into peak-time territory. It’s a pounding and unforgiving cut that carries enough force to leave a mile-wide crater at any warehouse or club it encounters. On the B-side, “Monkey,” a primal energy burns at the core of this stripped-down creation. Much more modest than its counterpart, its animalistic nature comes to life through running acid lines that ooze steadily in-between the cracks of thudding drums and faint vocalizations. The lysergic lead finds more than enough room to breathe in the breakdown, eventually growing increasingly more potent until the heady climax.

“‘Asteroid’ and ‘Monkey’ were born in my studio in Rome after a trip to Berlin,” says Frankyeffe.

“I wanted to express the suffering from the pandemic with these next two works, not having the opportunity to perform, so I’ve concentrated the struggle in two techno tracks full of energy and power.”Frankyeffe

No one would dare doubt the dedication Fava holds for his craft, having paid his dues on the bleeding edge of techno since his career first took off back in 2001. His unwavering commitment to the underground is not just evident in his lengthy discog and dexterity behind the decks but can also be traced back to the platform he’s given to kindred spirits on his own Riot Recordings. The label is littered with envelope-pushing talent, serving as a hotbed for essential names such as Robert Babicz, Ramiro Lopez, AFFKT, Spartaque, Dok & Martin, Rebel Boy, and Resonances (IT). In July, he finally made his Stateside debut at an undisclosed location in the storied warehouse district of Los Angeles, a pivotal moment that will open the floodgates for more gigs on this side of the pond.

As for now, ‘Asteroid / Monkey’ are two serious techno weapons that strike with the level of earth-shaking magnitude only someone with a deep expertise like Frankyeffe could pull off with impeccable ease.