Leading Belgian house artist Nico Morano begins 2020 with a bang in the form of the Resilio EP. The collaboration alongside Danish artist Radeckt also features a remix from Night Talk on Récits de Mars.

They became friends after Radeckt sent demos to Morano’s Atmosphere Records. Two of them got released and a joint passion for melodic dance floor material brought them together properly here on these majestic new cuts.

‘Resilio’ is a superb six minute journey built on jacked-up house drums but with a heady lead synth line. It’s hypnotic and colourful land exudes plenty of futuristic atmosphere. ‘Mistella’ then keeps it deep with big rubber kick drums and a more edgy synth line that is perfect for later in the night.

Night Talk remixes and takes ‘Resilio’ down a heady path of chattery percussion and loopy drums that firmly lock you in the groove.

This is a superbly refreshing new EP from a selection of innovative house artists.