Year 2000: war is coming and Odysseus, called to arms, sails to Troy to take part to the great conflict. Before leaving his homeland, he’s well aware that he’s going to stay away from music for a long time, so he decides to record on a tape the idea of techno music he has in his mind. Freezing a memory, to make it immortal, immune from the natural passage of time. One concept album, 12 tracks: the sound is European, the one from the end of the 90s, an energetic sound that is nostalgic at the same time. From the Netherlands to the Mediterranean Sea, between distorted kicks, reminiscences of the rave era and hints to the progressive music. 10 years of conflict, 10 years to come back home. 2000-2020, Odysseus comes back to Ithaca.

Odysseus project is a musical project inspired by European techno music from the late 90s. An homage to the sounds that characterized an historical moment, that was crucial for the affirmation of dance music. As if time stopped for 20 years, Ulysses tells us about his long journey, presenting a concept album made of 12 tracks (+ 1 bonus track). A sound trip between the Netherlands and the Mediterranean Sea, between distorted kicks and early Trance music references, between reminiscences of the rave era and hints to the progressive.