Nur Jaber presents Planet OSF, the first instalment of her celestial series launching with a 6 track techno expedition from a collection of beautifully curated producers.

Inviting fresh talent, immensely creative minds, and friends alike, Beirut’s techno import Nur Jaber drops “Planet OSF” on her Berlin based OSF imprint. Enlisting the likes of international & Berlin based producers Eira Haul, KOR, Lesser Of, Truant, Eira Haul & Luca Eck, Nur takes listeners on an otherworldly sonic odyssey.

Nur Jaber opens the record with her own production “Bring Back”, what one might call an ode to whatwe are all missing. Catalyzing with glistening ethereal keys, a swift melody gradually fuses to the track.Without warning, a deep bassline and crunching distorted kick joins, soon to be layered under a sweet,emotive female vocal that wanes over the driving percussion, restoring the softness to this utopian cut.Following is Eira Haul’s “In The Night”. The Welsh producer delivers a rave-esque track brimming withenergy and verging on trance, with all the weight and power of a techno stomper. A chopped vocalsample flies back and forth, while a heaving kick drum provides the foundation. Shakers & hi-hats injectdepth and texture, with bellowing organ-like melodies ringing out and demanding focus.

“Early Sunday Morning” is next on the record. Canada’s Truant equips his contribution with an explosive kick drum right from the jump. A heavily distorted indistinguishable vocal bellows ferociously over the drums, instilling a deep darkness to the track. Snares and hi-hats are introduced before all elements are stripped back, allowing major notes to shine through and disrupt the heaviness. The percussion blasts back in with the addition of an acid line to round off, slowly building to crescendo. Young Berlin talent Luca Eck provides an emotional contribution in, “When The Rain Washed It All Away”. A hurried pace is commanded by a perfectly weighted kick drum and subtle percussions, while gentle melodies and the baseline dance effortlessly together, evoking true emotion from the listener. There’s a perfect balance of melody, while still remaining firmly club friendly.

Turkish producer KOR delivers blistering techno roller “Requiem”. Beginning with short stabbing synth notes, a resounding kick drum is gradually layered over. Snapping hi-hats and cymbals ring out, cutting through the density. A synth melody plays gentle, long notes before everything builds to climax. To finish, he doubles down on the melody, transitioning the cut into a wailing warcry, backed up by bass and percussion. Closing out is “Awaken From A Dream” from London producer Lesser Of, who sets the tone of the track with sinister high pitched drones that wistfully howl and circle. Heavily distorted percussion dances throughout until thundering kick drums take control, with a powerful bassline that wrestles with the drones before warily fading to close