Portuguese artist Robert Hoff previously known as Robert S (PT), is a new alias that makes a forward step to a rebirth of his techno artistry. Robert is known for releasing his music on his own trau-ma, Marco Bailey’s MATERIA, Exos’ Planet X, INNSIGNN, Planet Rhythm, Soniculture and many more.

“Testpilot I” is a tough techno trip with purring bass notes while being accented by swirling, electrified sweeps creating a powerful and functional feel.

Track two “Testpilot II” is a thumping jam that uses its stuttering beat to push forward with intensity, while the hypnotic, machine driven sounds add another layer of dramatic production.

“Testpilot III” begins with a warm and gritty funk as warping synths appear in waves, creating a sci-fi aesthetic and an old school rawness yet delivering an abstract and contemporary vision.

Closing the EP is “Testpilot IIII” that is a beatless exploration into a sparse and dystopian world with dark vibes and an experimental feel.