Australia’s Luke Alessi is on an upward trajectory, having released on Still Vor Talent, A Tribe Called Kotori, and now back for his 2nd release on mobilee.

This 2-Track EP with the lead single “Matter” further cements his journey; a hotly tipped quality production that is set to bring Luke’s message further to the worldwide stage, as he joins forces with the legendary Stereo MC’s on vocals, who also head up the successful dance label Connected and have a career spanning nearly 30 years. Remix on the lead is coming from Innervisions/Connected artist, Aaaron, who’s on the up after his release on Dixon’s Transmoderna imprint last year.

“Matter” combines a powerful and poignant lead that evolves alongside Stereo MC’s atmospheric and soft vocal story; travelling together through dazzling heights and grooving rhythmic states, an enjoyable enveloping experience throughout.

Berlin’s Aaaron takes “Matter” on an alternative path, giving the instruments a whole new space, bringing the vocal message to the fore in a smooth and sultry underground interpretation.

“Tills Theme” completes the EP with a similarly uplifting melodic tale with arpeggiated leads and twisting elements that we have come to expect from Luke’s already developed signature sound, this time reminiscent of parties deep within the dust or on a palm fringed shore.