Steven Rutter aka B12 is one of techno’s most influential artists, famed for many releases on the iconic Warp Records including “Electro-Soma” that defined what is now the deep techno genre.

B12 was originally a duo before Steven Rutter took over the alias as a solo artist, but after a string of new releases on labels like Soma and Delsin, he decided to start producing under his own name.

Deciding it was time to look to the future with a new lease on life, Steven Rutter kept his sound the same, but shed the skin of B12 to mark a new point in his musical career.

Battling with personal demons, the B12 sound had become dark and introverted, and the Steven Rutter style keeps that same moody atmosphere, while adding upbeat rhythms and more jovial chord progressions without losing focus of the core sound that’s made his music so influential.

In addition to a numerous EP, “Riddle Me Sane” is the third album Steven Rutter has done under his own name, and it’s in the timeless B12 style that’s adored by his fans in all four corners of the world.

Cosmic melodies and sci-fi influenced textures with dystopian sound design, the thought provoking album paints pictures of alien landscapes, while its down tempo grooves also have the key elements needed for the dance floor.

Comfortingly familiar for those who love the classic B12 style, it also marks a distinct turning point in the sound that Steven Rutter has been looking to focus on.

Tracks like “Techno Prisoner” perfectly embody the style this release is aimed to purvey, but this masterpiece has been expertly programmed to play as a continuous piece of music rather than a selection of solo cuts.