Drumcode starts 2020 with a sterling EP from genre hero Thomas Schumacher, his first on the label after a long association with Adam Beyer.

No ifs or buts, if you’re a techno fan, Thomas Schumacher holds a place in your heart. His 1997 classic ‘When I Rock’ still gets rinsed, he has a vast body of stellar work on his influential former label Spielzeug Schallplatten, including a release from Adam Beyer, and he continues to deliver pin-sharp productions via his Electric Ballroom imprint, including a scorching remix of ‘The House of House’, the 1994 classic from Cherry Moon Trax. The rework was first played by Beyer at Time Warp and has been a 2019 highlight.

He first contributed to Drumcode in 2018 with ‘The Unseen’, a stirring contribution to ‘A-Sides Vol.7’, setting up a maiden EP with ‘Crimson’. Beginning with the brilliant ‘Feist’, it’s a no-nonsense brain melter, as 303 arpeggios bloom and recede, creating a thrilling rhythmic intensity throughout. The title track ‘Crimson’ is crafted around two minutes of tension-building synths, before a beat finally appears and a rasping deep bassline commands the dancefloor. ‘Anker’ brings the rave with eagle-eye focus, unleashing a wall of fierce acid to round out the pack.

“Adam and I have both been producing and playing techno since the early ‘90s. I have deep respect for him as a person and artist. It’s an honour to have the opportunity to collaborate in this way.”Thomas Schumacher