“Renowned electronic music producer Tippstrip has released a hotly anticipated remix of the track “Ravno Polje” by Vartra, and fans of both artists are raving about the result. The new remix, which was dropped on 23rd Feb 2023, showcases Tippstrip’s signature sound and takes the original track in a fresh, exciting direction.

“Ravno Polje” was originally released by Vartra, a rising star in the Serbian music scene known for blending traditional Balkan sounds with contemporary beats. The track, which features haunting vocals and a pulsing rhythm, quickly gained popularity and earned Vartra a dedicated following. Natalija Cirković, who frequently joins Tippstrip on stage as a vocalist, brought some truly unique ethno-style vocal lines to the song, imbuing it with a distinctive vibe.

Tippstrip, known for his innovative approach to music production and his ability to blend genres seamlessly, has taken the original track and added his own unique spin. The result is a high-energy remix that is sure to get fans of electronic music moving on the dance floor.

Tippstrip himself has also expressed his enthusiasm for the project.
“Working on this remix was a real pleasure. Vartra’s original track had such a strong foundation, and it was a lot of fun to play around with it and add my own touches. I’m really satisfied with how it turned out, and I hope listeners enjoy it as much as I do.”

With its infectious beat, hypnotic vocals, and unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, “Ravno Polje (Tippstrip Remix)” is poised to become a summer anthem for electronic music fans worldwide.”