A new name that you might not have heard yet ( but you probably will pretty soon), is Toske, a young DJ / Producer coming all the way from the land of Kosovo.

Being in a country that is just now being developed isn’t the easiest way to make a name for yourself internationally. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop Toske from taking matters into his own hands, as he created ‘RaveCultur’, the online rave community in 2020.

Fast forward to today, RaveCultur has amassed more than 300.000 members through all of their channels, with Instagram being the main one with 287.000 followers right now.

When asked why did he take this route, Toske replied:
‘In today’s world, the electronic music community is ever growing and has reached mainstream audiences, a thing that was unknown back in 2016. However, this has made the scene even harder to be penetrated by young artists with no support whatsoever. My goal with RaveCultur was to create an online hub where young talented artists can have their share of the spotlight, to share their music with the world, even without having the best connections in the industry. And it definitively helped me put my music out there too.’

Toske released ‘Magnetic’, a deep house gem back in 2021, which was supported by one of the most respected house communities online, Houseum. It now holds more than 100.000 streams across all streaming platforms.

Even though he has been quiet with releases ever since that, Toske stated that he is always focused on quality. not quantity.

‘I have hundreds of unreleased projects sitting on my inventory, but I haven’t reached the sound that I want for myself just yet. Art shouldn’t be rushed, even if the social pressure is there. But I definitively have a release coming this year, I can tell you that’.Toske

You can also catch him spinning some proper underground House & Techno music in Kosovo, Albania, Turkey, and Cyprus these days, as he tries to give a taste of his style to this evergrowing scene that we are seeing in electronic music.

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