Back in 1995 HyS was introduced to the DJ world, mixes, and vinyls. Years later, he participated in various local and regional competitions obtaining victories, recognition and great results.

In 2003, he was one of the residents of some of the alternative local halls of the Hard trance movement, Techno trance, Acid and Goa of Barcelona, acting under other pseudonyms. At that time he entered the world of production in a self-taught way. He started producing his own music as a soloist with live performances in different events.

In 2009 he started his career in the Techno scene as a DJ, lowering the bpm and applying all his previous technique and style later all that evolved into the Techno & Dark Techno by doing live sessions and producing.

Today he continues to produce, DJ by focusing on the following styles: Ambient, Experimental, Techno, EBM and Industrial.

Today Techno Mood has the pleasure to welcome HyS with his 1 hour dj set so listen and enjoy.

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