Israel Kimchi is a Dj, Drummer, Producer who is combining deejay skills with drumming. Not long ago he started filming a Series Of Live Dj Sets. Live sessions under the name “Dj FilmSet”. This Filmset (Chapter 2) is live Techno and House set. Israel Kimchi in his 15min dj set tried to squeeze and includes some massive track from artist like Stan Kolev, Boris Brejcha, Super Flu and more it’s unbelievable how he is doing all this alone drumming mixing and makes it all sound so fit and balanced together.

And the results? Well we we’ll leave you to enjoy his performance and decide on your own.

“It Is an Amazing Journey Mixing and Playing On Top Of This Amazing Artists!„Israel Kimchi

1 – Oliver Winters – Call after Dark
2 – JP Lantieri, Stan Kolev – Pinot Grigio (Stan Kolev Remix)
3 – Super Flu – Aculumee
4 – Boris Brejcha – Butterflies
5 – Whoriskey – Veha
6 – Freddie Frampton – When You’re Alone

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