With touring and live events at a standstill from April 2020 to April 2021, both musicians and audiences turned to streaming. Music research and analytics platform Viberate looked into the numbers to pinpoint the artists who made the most of the situation on Spotify.

The report  ranks the five most successful artists in each of the six most listened-to genres. In Electronic, the top 5 artists were Ben Böhmer (Germany), Yves Tumor (USA), INZO (USA), ARTBAT (Ukraine), and Unknown Brain (Germany). Böhmer beat others with a 143% followers’ increase, thanks to his 2020 releases “Cappadocia” and “Moments” that gained over 18M streams.

The artists were selected according to their follower growth in 12 months, a solid listener-to-follower ratio, and over 100.000 monthly listeners.

Viberate’s report also determined that Spotify playlists and TikTok were hugely influential. Each top-performing artist’s tracks either went viral on TikTok at some point during lockdown or were included in an influential playlist. The report also shows that Pop was the most popular genre on Spotify during lockdown, followed by Hip Hop, Latin, Rock, R&B, and Electronic.

Download the full report HERE.