The events—spanning music, art, food, and culture—will include performances from SG Lewis, Moderat, Bedouin, Big Wild, Elderbrook, Parra for Cuva, Henry Green, Gone Gone Beyond, Magdalena Bay, Lee Burridge presents All Day I Dream, Audiofly, DJ Seinfeld,, QRTR, Paraleven and Matt Caines. and art from multidisciplinary artist South African Daniel Popper, Belgian contemporary artist Michael Benisty, California-based, American contemporary artist Laura Kimpton and many more to be announced.

Art With Me’s innovative approach focuses on well-balanced and complete experiences across six- core pillars: Art With Me, Dance With Me, Eat With Me, Breathe With Me, Play With Me, and Care With Me.

Art and creativity are central, guiding themes for Art With Me and eloquently tie together the adjacent pillars within the events. The organization brings together a huge array of visual artists who build jaw-dropping installations that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding areas. Showcasing these amazing works sparks important dialogues about their origins, where art is headed in the future, and how creativity is the purest outlet for the human experience.
Art With Me brings together artists from around the world to participate with our installations, workshops, talks, environmental design experiences, and create a space for our guests to enjoy one-on-one interactions and dialogues with our creators.

The most fundamental human experiences have been tied to music for centuries. Dance With Me harnesses this power, celebrates the splendor of different cultures and embraces our beautiful planet while creating unforgettable experiences around the world with international and local artists.

Few activities connect us more directly to the Earth than the act of eating. Eat With Me events serve to reinforce community within the Art With Me family worldwide. Guests will take part in premium culinary experiences with juice bars, food truck vendors and concessions.

BreathWithMe, another core pillar, will offer participants a full array of wellness programs from drum circles to yoga, from temazcales to plant medicine healing. You’ll come face to face with a new vision of what it means to care for yourself—and others.

Providing children the opportunity to engage with art in a meaningful and immersive manner is a critical step toward preserving the artist in each of us. Play with Me’s instructors create and oversee a curriculum that gives children an experience that will positively impact them throughout their lives.

Care With Me is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that is here to bring awareness and positive change through cultivating inspirational art and educational experiences for local communities and the environment. So while you take in the sights of Miami and enjoy some art, you’ll be helping out a charity do some good in the world. Soothe your soul while you soothe others.