Chicks Luv Us are two Marseille-born pals with a penchant for groovy house and minimal techno. Their back catalogue echoes the textures that bring them together as producers, with releases on Loco Dice’s Desolat, Steve Lawler’s Viva Limited and many more. They cut their teeth in DJing during their residency at Spartacus Club in Cabriès in the south of France from 2009 and 2018. Today, the pair continue to grow a legion of international fans while finessing their craft in the studio, and soundtracking dancefloors worldwide.

MALIKK is an Aix en Provence-based artist whose early appreciation for 80’s disco, funky and soul still occasionally seeps into his current club-focused music. Previous releases on Hot Creations, Hottrax, Toolroom, and Solotoko display his multi-dynamic palette, nodding to several genres and moods. Having played in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and his native France, MALIKK’s DJ sets reflect his fun and explorative approach, marking him as one of Aix en Provence’s finest exports.

Hi guys, nice to have you with us today! How have you been lately and where are you based at the moment?
Malikk: Hey guys! Thanks for having me. I’m fine, thank you .I’m currently based at Aix En Provence, French
Chicks Luv Us: Hello, we are good thanks for asking, for now we are on a South America tour, but we are based in South of France Marseille.

It’s been a couple of crazy years during the pandemic for everyone. How have you found it and what are you enjoying the most now that we seem to be on the other side?
Malikk: The Pandemic was not easy, but it allowed me to be in the studio more often. It was at this time that I signed my first ep “Heu Como Bailar ” on Hot Creations.
I had always dreamed of signing to this label. And still today with another ep on HC …wowww
Chicks Luv Us: Yes true this period was very hard, losing our job as Dj and all the gigs confirmed during this period but we tried to take it as an advantage to take time for us and our family, producing a lot of music for trying to get a better sound. Today we are back at it, traveling almost all the weekend to play all around Europe and South America and god it’s so good to be back.

We love your collaboration EP on Hot Creations titled ‘Can We Dance EP’. We’d love to know more about how this happened?
Malikk: We have been friends for some years now ! We live in the same area. A collaboration is born.
Chicks Luv Us: Glad you like it, about the collaboration everything came naturally, we are friends from some years now, same area and we welcome MALIKK as resident of our party called Encasa which we also run the Label. And one day we decided to start this collab with the goal to sign on Hot Creations so we worked on it and tried many different ideas until we found the good one.

You said in a quote that you “wanted to produce a track inspired by acid house music, pop and urban pop from the 90s, mixing with sound from today”. Can you explain a bit more about this?
Malikk: We wanted to combine our influences…
Chicks Luv Us: We love 90’ House music and Acid music and we have been inspired by Jamie Jones so naturally we combined our sound with MALIKK to make this collaboration.

Do you have any passions outside of music? Any hobbies you can tell us about that work around your music career?
Malikk: I have a passion for the stars, planets… My Wife bought me a telescope 2 years ago, so when I have time for myself I have my head in the stars.
It’s good for me because it inspires me for my musical production.
Chicks Luv Us: I don’t know if I can tell it’s a passion but I love to play sports as much as possible, it’s very good after a day in the studio to take a break with it, otherwise I try to see and stay with my Fam and my close friends. I’m lucky cause with this job we meet a lot of amazing people, amazing countries and cultures and I love it.
Anthony Chicks Luv Us: I like to walk with my dog in nature. Simply hang out at a sidewalk cafe. To let my mind breathe and be more creative in music.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Malikk: My main goal is to play in the best parties! but my dream is to be a resident at Jamie Jones’ party (Paradise). I hope to play there one day but not in 5 years ahahah.
Chicks Luv Us: Our main goal is to play in the best parties of this industry so we hope we gonna have a chance to play Paradise, Solid Grooves and these kinds of parties. Of course I still continue to push our 2 Labels and make them bigger!

Lastly, is there any news you want to share with our readers?
Malikk: Thanks a lot guys for having me, I have a lot of new music to share with you soon! Kiss
Chicks Luv Us: If you don’t know our Labels we invite you to check CLU Recs and Encasa Records. About our music we have some dope music coming on New Loco Dice Label coming soon !