We find the best techno and rave sayings and made a list of the most popular techno quotes:

– Once techno – always techno
– Techno is everything you haven’t imagined yet
– Hakuna Ma Techno
– Life begins at the first rave
– We need to stop raving less
– Happiness is when the bass kicks in
– At the end Techno will save us all
– Stop Wars Start Raves
– Girls just wanna have BASS
– Say Yes To Techno
– I love Techno more than I love people
– I’m not so rock and roll. I’m more techno
– You me dance now
– Go hard or go home
– Where words fail Techno speaks
– Dancing is also sport
– Not everyone understands Techno
– The world needs more Techno
– I would date you but you don’t listen to Techno
– I’m the glitter on the dancefloor
– Don’t forget to go home
– Eat Sleep Rave Repeat
– Rave All Night Sleep All Day
– Techno Connecting People
– Less drama more Techno
– Please rave hard
– May the night be with you
– No Sleep Club

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