With the buzz around recent shows like Brooklyn Mirage, her revered All Night Long show at Halcyon San Francisco, and upcoming shows at Hard Summer LA, Sziget Festival Hungary, It’ll Do Dallas, Sound LA…, Chicago’s Azzecca aka Allie DeCastris continues to firmly carve out her place in the electronic landscape. Whilst her high-energy sets are filling dancefloors, her releases continue to win acclaim from fans, tastemakers and peers, having just enjoyed two recent successes on REALM with ‘Ego Death’ and ‘Mantra’.

On ‘Encounter’ Azzecca says, ‘Releasing on Maccabi was a big goal for me. I’m such a fan of Adam Ten, his production style and everything he puts out on his label, so this EP is a massive milestone.’ Adam created Maccabi out of the 2020 underground scene, and now its releases are often championed by the most respected names.

Aerial Phenomenon: Literally other-worldly, a playful dialogue on UFOs like a vocal riff rides a growly bass and twanging, buzzing synths that mean business, heavy as Jupiter’s gravity, to keep you on the dancefloor. ‘This is a fun cheeky track getting massive crowd reactions over this past year’.

Ascent: House drum with a breaky hook built in, mysterious high ‘voicey’ riffs and those euphoric synth arps our brain chemistry loves so much, gaining speed as it pulls you in. ‘A slow burning journey I love to play deep in the thick of the night when the crowd is down to get a bit lost. Both tracks lean into an other-worldly vibe, much like most of my music.’