Berlin-based DJ and producer Fabio Florido kicks off 2020 with the launch of his first record label RUNA. A platform to explore different realms of his music perception with no boundaries and predominantly an outlet for Fabio’s own productions, the inaugural release is a four-track techno opus which introduces his techno alias Selcouth.

I’ve experienced a surge of creativity in recent months and RUNA will give me the freedom to release music as it comes, and introduce different parts of who I am through new aliases from techno through to ambient. Music is one of our greatest forms of expression, and I’m experimenting with different frequencies to better understand how they affect our bodies and minds. It’s my intention to share this with people through the label, giving them music I hope they’ll find stimulating, inspiring and meaningful.” – Fabio Florido

The label’s name comes from an ancient civilisation that lived in the Andean highlands of Peru since 2000BC. Their animistic beliefs that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence have fascinated and inspired Fabio, at a time he finds himself on an enlightening spiritual journey that has shaped, changed and improved his perception of the world.

Elevating title track steps forward, bringing in Selcouth. Opting to explore duality through RUNA, tracks featuring his aliases are presented as collaborations. Crafted around a penetrating kick, ‘Subtle Realms’ is expansive, ethereal techno in its purest form. ‘Cosmic Chant’ cuts through with velocity, penetrating with a peak-time prowess. Selcouth contributes to ‘Confessions’, an outing loaded with pounding drums and dreamy synth interludes, while acid-dipped ‘Surrender’ invites a sense of gratifying, sonic tenderness.