Dubai-based electronic music producer and DJ, HumanEgo, whose real name is Egor Negin, has just dropped his debut EP titled “If I Were…” on September 29, 2023. This remarkable release is a testament to his love for Africa and its rich musical heritage, a passion that was ignited during his travels in 2014-2015. The EP is an enchanting fusion of electronic rhythms, classical instruments, and ethnic vocals, all inspired by the captivating rhythms of the Masai tribe, Buryat throat singing from his homeland near Baikal Lake, soulful piano arpeggios, and techno elements. It’s a sonic journey through the heart of Africa, capturing the diverse impressions and emotions he experienced during his adventures on the continent.

HumanEgo’s inspiration for “If I Were…” stems from his deep fascination with Africa, which he considers the birthplace of all existing music. His travels through this culturally diverse continent left an indelible mark on him, and he sought to translate those experiences into music that could resonate with the soul. The result is a genre-blending EP that defies conventional categorization, offering listeners a unique sonic experience that’s both emotive and exhilarating.

Drawing on his extensive background in the music and entertainment industry, HumanEgo has brought his vision to life with a combination of electronic production techniques and live instrumentation. The EP showcases a diverse range of sounds, from the hypnotic beats of electronic music to the haunting beauty of ethnic vocals and the warmth of classical instruments. It’s a testament to his creative prowess and his ability to seamlessly meld different musical elements into a cohesive and evocative whole.

But “If I Were…” is just the beginning for HumanEgo. He’s currently hard at work on his debut album in the Afro House genre, continuing his exploration of African-inspired sounds. His journey from being a DJ and event creator to a full-fledged music producer reflects his evolution as an artist, driven by a deep-seated passion for music and a desire to share his unique musical perspective with the world.

In addition to his music career, HumanEgo has been a prominent figure in the global music scene. He’s hosted music shows on MTV and organized music festivals in Russia and the United Arab Emirates, rubbing shoulders with renowned artists from around the world. At the “In Unison with Music. City Edition” festival in Dubai, he delivered an exceptional DJ set alongside global luminaries, solidifying his place in the international music community.

Currently based in Dubai, HumanEgo is pouring his energy into crafting his upcoming album and hosting weekly club events under the banner of “UNISON FRNDS.” These events feature special guests from across the globe, further bridging cultural and musical boundaries. He also curates a monthly radio show titled “Let’s face the Afro House” on DiFM, where he continues to share his love for music with a global audience.

With “If I Were…” as a promising debut, HumanEgo’s musical journey is one to watch closely. His passion for Africa and its diverse musical traditions shines through in every note, promising a bright future for this talented artist as he continues to explore and innovate within the world of electronic music. As he delves deeper into the Afro House genre with his upcoming album, there’s no doubt that his music will continue to captivate and inspire listeners around the world.