Switzerland’s music trailblazer embarkson an exhilarating journey as LOT Recordslaunches its inaugural release with thesensational album, “Slam 1987,” presentedby the visionary artist Quenum.

This albumrepresents a truetestament to Quenum’sunwavering commitment to his distinctminimalistic style.With a keen focus on crafting a sonicexperience that resonates with the mostdiscerning of audiences, Quenum’s yearsof expertise shine through in each of thealbum’s four classic tracks.

Expect a mental, atmospheric, and rhythmically dense exploration, artfullyconstructed with razor-sharp beats that captivate the senses, taking your auditory senses on anunforgettable voyage.”Slam 1987″ is a sonic masterpiece, pushing the boundaries of experimental and minimal music,featuring mesmerizing drone pads and precision-engineered beats that cut through the air like a knife.This musical gem is further enhanced by a groovy deep techremix by the talented Argentinian artist,Lucio Agustin.

His remix is a versatile gem that seamlessly fits into warm-up sessions and peak-timesets, delivering a bass-driven groove complemented by a tantalizing amen break, infusing a touch ofspice that truly delights.Moreover, “We can do it” and “Recyclade” redefine the frontier of experimental and micro-house,enveloping listeners in an otherworldly, mental, and atmospheric embrace.

Their meticulous attentionto detail within the rhythmic fabric is a testament to their years of experience, resulting in an auditoryadventure that will enrapture music enthusiasts across the globe.”Slam 1987″ is not just an album; it’s a sonic odyssey that invites you to immerse yourself in theboundless creativity of Quenum. Prepare to embark on a unique and mesmerizing auditory journeythat will leave an indelible mark on your musical soul

Vinyl release date 14/10/2023 Preorder

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