Hey Andres, so tell us – how’s Barcelona? Is elrow back up and running and do you have some dates for them this summer?
Hello! Barcelona is sunny today, as always and yes things are all back up and running, so it looks like its going to be a promising summer ahead. (Finally!) I have a few gigs coming up with elrow, we just did elrow town in Madrid this last weekend! Was so much fun.

We see you are on tour in South America now – what are the best clubs in that region for you and where would you recommend someone to visit?
Yes, I just went to South America for a two gigs. It’s such an amazing region to party and play in. There are a lot of good clubs, so its hard to choose just one. Normally I prefer festivals, but if you go to Medellin in Colombia then visit Sonorama, a small space with such an incredible energy. Its special.

Is it a weird feeling being back on the road again after 2 years of no shows?
Not for me, it feels magical and not weird. Finally I can leave my room and play for real people. For me, that’s the most important part of being a DJ. I need to see people dance, feel their energy and reaction to the music.

What is one thing you have missed the most about touring?
No sleep and shit WIFI everywhere you go.

You have just released a new EP ’Demente’ on Filth On Acid. This means ‘Crazy’ in Spanish yes? Tell us more
Yes, you are right! Well, ‘Demente’ means someone who is losing their mind. We chose the name because Ada, the vocalist on the single wrote the lyrics and used that word. It’s a crazy track with Spanish vocals, we wanted to use them because normally all lyrics ate in English, so why not Spanish – it also retains my roots.

How do you keep yourself busy Monday to Thursday when home?
I don’t stop, sports, studio, family, friends, mails, invoices, I don’t have time to relax. Haha.

If we travelled to Barcelona tomorrow, how would you spend the day with us?
In a sunny day like this, visit some famous monuments dotted around the city, a trip to Sagrada Familia, Parque Guell for sure and then the Gothic area, followed by a paella down by the ocean. Barcelona summers are special. I highly recommend them

Finally, one thing you want to achieve in 2022?
Release music in some labels that I always wanted, and also see the scene back to the normality without restrictions. Looks like the latter is almost achieved!