This August, Switzerland-based pairing Dachshund & Chaton make their collaborative debut on Damian Lazarus’ Rebellion imprint, with the three-track Bleeping In Me EP. The EP marks Dachshund’s second release on Rebellion, whilst Chaton makes his debut. We’re pleased to have Dachshund chatting with us today around the release:

Hello Dachshund! How are you doing and where abouts are you speaking to us from at the moment?
Hi all! I’m going well and hope everyone is keeping well too? I’m in Geneva (Switzerland) enjoying the summer sun that finally arrived yesterday!

This August you return to Crosstown Rebels’ sibling label Rebellion, with your Bleeping In Me EP made alongside Chaton. We really enjoyed listening to this. How did this collaboration come about?
Thank you, I’m so happy to be back on Damian Lazarus label Rebellion!
The collaboration with Chaton started back in the days, we have been sharing the DJ booth and playing live together sometimes. I also had a remix on his label Plak records. A few months ago he told me “hey let’s have some fun in the studio” and I was like “ok bring your drum machine and let’s go!”. Spontaneously and simply, it is all about friendship, having some fun, sharing our music passion and eating ceviche.

Yours and Chaton’s sounds compliment each other seamlessly on the EP. What’s it like working on music together?
Working on music together was a real pleasure and I was amazed how fluid it was. Collaborations are sometimes a difficult exercise but this one was surprisingly efficient.
I guess it’s because we have complementarity and a kind of transparency to each other.
We started by talking about sounds, influences, etc… listening to records that inspired us. Thereafter we jammed with drum machines, exploring sounds with analog synths, recording, editing, adding effects and arranging. It just came out quite naturally with our different influences.
An example of Chaton’s skills is for the track arrangement, he is absolutely clear about where he wants to go, and I’m more hesitant. I guess our differences are well balanced and constructive and it’s how the magic happens!

It’s hard to choose only one but do you have a particular favourite on the EP?
Noooooooooooooo don’t!! Okay, maybe Euphoria because of the synth melody that you can’t escape from staying in your head! Or…no, let’s choose Bleeping In Me!

Will we see more of you and Chaton together in the future?
Definitely yes! We’ve already started to work on some tracks. Let’s see where it goes!

Yours and Quenum’s label Clapper Records has delivered some fantastic music over the years, sticking with a quality over quantity approach. Is there anything in the pipeline currently for the label?
Thank you! Clapper is a little bit in standby at the moment, but it doesn’t mean we won’t do releases on it again. Quenum and I had the chance to release on various labels, we thought it is good to widen connections and find new opportunities. It’s always a question when I finish a track or an EP, should i send it to some of my favorite labels or keep it for mine? But you’re right to ask, it’s maybe the good time to get back on Clapper.

The last 18 months have been an extremely tough time for the scene and people can’t wait to share parties together again. Have you been able to return to DJing yet and what will it mean to you to be able to do so again?
After one year without playing, I had two gigs the same weekend! The first one was a kind of “ambient/chillout” side project, where I play live. The second one was at the club “Audio” and I have to say it was amazing! Feeling the energy and warmth of the crowd, everybody was smiling more than ever! We all missed it. It is something necessary to share parties together again, you can feel it on how people are excited to be on the dancefloor again. It means a lot to me, I realise how important it is.

Thank you for chatting with us today! Take care and congrats on the Rebellion release! To round things off, is there anything else lined up from yourself yet that you can share with us?
Thank you Techno Mood it was a pleasure! Nothing new to share except that I’m looking forward to seeing everybody on the dance floor again, keep the good vibes, stay safe and see you soon!