DAMAT is a twenty-three-year-old composer, street drummer and percussionist. He started playing on his mother’s Pots and Pans from an early age. At 10, he played the acoustic drums and after a short time he formed a band and began to do concerts. After about 10 years of study, experience with several bands, doing concerts in (Modena, Bologna, Milan, Verona, Florence) and attending recording studios, Damat decides to go further and start a new adventure: playing the electronic pads and percussion improvising live with the DJ. He immediately began to experiment and design new sounds to mix with the notes of the songs to make them more attractive, melodic and rhythmic. In these last two years, Damat has played in the most important clubs in the area. But all this was not enough, he felt he could do and give more to the public who was following him. He started a new adventure “STREET DRUMMER”. It plays with (buckets, pots, dishes and any other object that ncould produce a sound) in the biggest Italian cities like (Florence, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Naples, Como, Ibiza, Berlin and not only).

On his thingy schedule constantly touring we finally made it to ask him a couple of question.

01. Hi Damat thanks for taking your time to answer our questions how are you how was your day ?
Hi, thanks to you for writing me. Everything is good thanks.

02. Where is Damat right now ?
I’m now at home ( Modena ) but i’m currently getting prepared to go to play in the main Italian and European squares, and most of all i’m trying to make myself known in the most influencial clubs.

03. Who is Damat in real life beside the artistic name ?
This already is the real life to me, nobody is hiding behind Damat.
I spend entire days planning my trips, videos and composing music.

04. Why did you choose the street, who inspired you ?
When i was little i used to break my mum’s pots, i have always believed that every single object has its own sound. I chose to play in the street because it’s like your own stage under the sky. It’s impossible to describe that moment when you start playing and nobody expects it, and you manage to change, or even better, improve your listener’s day, even for just 15 minutes. The other reason why i play in the street is to sponsor my own show, and to let my music reach as many people as possible.

05. Why did you choose the Pots and Pans and not the Drums ? 
I play drums since i was 9 and i still do, but as i previously stated i believe that each object can produce its own sound and that’s why, from my point of view, every object is a musical instrument.

06. What exactly is your goal from playing on the street what would you like to achieve ?
I don’t have precise goals but aspirations. My aspiration is to play in the world’s most important squares, to make my listeners happy and to see their reactions while they’re listening to me.

07. Favourite city where to play ? 
Luckily, i can say that i enjoyed every single city where i performed. Each city gave me different emotions and something to carry with me, and if i think about any of the cities where i have played, good memories come to my mind.

08. What’s your favourite style of music to play ?
I like all music styles, no matter if i have to listen or play them. With the drums i pretty much enjoy Hip Hop, Rock and Rap. With the street setup i like to play Techno.

09. Where can we find Damat these days playingdamat_drummer

10. What’s next, what can we expect ?
My expectation is to travel the world with my music, collaborate with international DJs and to bring this format on the big stages.

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