Italian artists Francesco Parente and Josh Kalker team up with vocalist David Blank as they get set to release ‘Lost In Paradise’ on the famed Hot Creations. You can pre-order your copy here. We took the time to chat with Josh Kalker about the release.

Hi Josh, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. Where are you at the moment?
Thank you for having me. I’m currently in Milan, the city I was born in.

We’re chatting with you today about your forthcoming release on Hot Creations entitled ‘Lost In Paradise’. You have teamed up with fellow Italian Francesco Parente, what’s it been like working together?
It has been a very spontaneous process. We are friends first of all and we share the same taste in music. We have teamed up to release this project because we have a very good connection together.

The last couple of years have been a bit crazy for everyone to say the least. How have the circumstances we have found ourselves in inspired this release?
I have to be honest, there have been tough moments during this period but I have tried to keep my head concentrated on my music. We wanted to create something fresh and young to allow people not to think too much and just have fun.

Hot Creations must have been a big influence on you musically. How does it feel to be releasing on the label?
I feel extremely proud and honoured to leave a mark on this label. On this label only the big artists release tracks, so for me it is a privilege to have been picked with this song.

Can you tell our readers what your process is for producing and what’s your favourite bit of equipment to use?
To create a track, I start focusing on the groove and the bassline using analog and digital instruments. Later on, I create percussion and the background of the track. When I feel satisfied about all this I start mixing the instruments. In the end I select the different parts of the track.

You were born and raised in Milan, which is where you currently reside. Can you tell us a bit about your favourite clubs and parties there?
I call myself a clubber so I like to go with my friends to different parties around Milan. The city is full of parties and at the moment I am part of the staff of Too Long, the most important event organiser in Milan.

I bet you’re extremely excited about things going back to normal now. Where can we expect to see you playing over the coming months?
During the next months I will be playing gigs in Italy and Europe. I hope that the people that come to hear me will feel my vibe and my vision of music.