Hey it’s great to speak to you today, where are you speaking to us from?
Hey, I’m in my studio in Nice, South of France where i live.

For readers that aren’t familiar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’ve was discovered by Laurent Garnier 10 years ago and since then, I’ve been releasing music on different labels such as Systematic, Bedrock, Ovum, Astropolis…. My most important track is called ‘The rebirth’, it was released on Bedrock Records in 2013. My music is melodic techno influenced by classical music, movie scores….

The past couple of years have been a bit crazy for all of us. How were you affected by this change and is the release inspired by this?
Due to other personal projects, I’ve been away from music for a long time. When the lockdown came, it gave me the time for reflection and the time I needed to go back in the studio. I’ve been watching a lot a documentaries about space, I guess it was a way to to escape from this annoying reality. My music started to be more influenced by the scores I was listening to.

We’re here to discuss your forthcoming release entitled First Blush on Systematic. It’s the second release on the label that you’ve teamed up with Marc Romboy, so you must enjoy collaborating together. Where did you meet and what influenced you both to begin working together?
We really enjoy working together because we have the same approach of music. We have known each other for a long time. When I had my first release on Bedrock, he was already in touch with me because he wanted to release the EP but unfortunately, it couldn’t happen. Since then, we have always been in touch and I’ve released a few EPs on his label Systematic. The collaboration project with Marc started naturally during lockdown because we both had more time to discuss together and from this, the collaboration project was born. 

What is your production process when collaborating?
As we live far from each other, the first ideas are created separately, then we develop these ideas together through an online Ableton session. To finalise the arrangement, the mix-down and the last details, we finally meet to have studio session together.

Extrawelt has done a brilliant remix of the track. How important is finding the right fit for a remix of your track?
It is very important to have a remixer who fits with the concept of the project but who has their own signature sound. For example, on ‘First Blush’, the idea was to create music inspired by space. Marc and I thought that Extrawelt was a really good choice to create the remix, and we were right!

WIth everything going back to normal now, where can our readers expect to see you play over the coming months?
You can catch me in Leysin for my first gig in Switzerland at the Shapes Festival on the 2nd of April. But for the moment i really have pleasure to spend my free time in the studio and I already have a few things ready.

Marc Romboy & Oniris – First Blush – Released 11th March 2022 on Systematic Recordings with the buy link