Two men on fine form in recent times, M.F.S: Observatory, discuss with us their hectic release schedule, collaborating with their idols, studio processes and much much more. In recent times they have been firing out heat on some amazing labels, including etiquette. and Steve Lawler’s iVAV with their “Dope” EP. Their sound is energetic and playful and we can’t get enough of it. Dig in….

Hi guys, appreciate you taking some time to chat with us today. Where are you speaking to us from today?
Hey guys, thank you so much for choosing us for this interview, is a pleasure to speak with you. We are speaking to you from a sunny London today.

Tell us a little bit about your musical background? Did you study? Do you have family involved with music?
We always had a passion for music, from very early on in our lives, and I think this feeling will last forever, with our taste always evolving. We both grow up in musical families, surrounded with passionate souls, meaning our journey started very early on, an ideal start to our music careers. I (Mattia) just finished a degree in Music & Sound Design in London, meaning now I have even more time for the studio, and use the knowledge I have been studying on. We have had a big passion for music since we were little boys, now we are men, but the same fire in our belly remains.

Do you think growing up in Italy had a big influence on your sound of today? Or where do you take influence from?
Yeah, Italy gave to us a lot of influence, especially our city Naples, with the classic traditional sound of the music, and the Italian house culture taught us a lot. London gave us a lot of inspiration and influences, in London, you can breathe music, their is so much going on in the city, interesting for all different leases of life. It is here we feel free to push our sound to new levels.

What are your thoughts on the scene in Italy? Is there anywhere in particular you enjoy to go to party? Or DJs you like to see?
We love to party by the sea in Naples, the vibe is amazing, you feel comfortable at your home, like it is your living room, and especially during the summer when the party starts at lunchtime until the night so you can enjoy the sunset. Some of the views in Naples are the best the country has to offer.

Moving forward some years, how would you say London has effected your sound and productions?
As we mentioned before in London you breathe music especially in East London, our sound changed a lot once we arrive in London. It feels like everywhere you go new sounds are being created, and for us this is the most interesting part about being in a city like London.

What is your studio set up currently? How does the work flow for you both, being in different locations?
The studio is set up in London and Naples, we work through Zoom with a remote control, the quality of the sound is perfect and amazing without any delays. Thankfully, modern technology allows use to have a fantastic workflow despite living in seperate locations in Europe. Of course, when we come together we have some crazy, and long studio sessions together, but wherever we are, we both have an understanding of each other.

Congratulations on your recently releases, with Maya Jane Coles, and on Hannah Wants, etiquette. label. It must feel amazing to land your music with such integral names of the modern day industry. Do you have any releases similar to this coming?
Thank you so much. Yes, we have a release coming out in August on Steve Lawler’s Label IVAv Recordings, we are so glad to come back to such an amazing imprint after a while. Steve is a legend of our scene, and when a legend calls, you have to bring your A game, we had some back and forth with tracks and finally came to a conclusion we are really happy with.

Tell us a little about the Observatory label, and what our readers can expect from the label.
OBM is a small project that was born a few years ago just to release our music, but after a while, we started to pick some music from producer friends, we have some big ambitions for the label, hope step by step we will achieve all of it. For us there is no rush with OBM, we just want to do what feels right, when it feels right. We are also happy to receive demos from friends and be able to provide a platform for them to showcase their sound.

As a duo what goals do you have over the next years?
We hope to continue to release quality music, on labels we love, and hope to start to play more after this strange period for the world, and meet some of our followers from the last years.