Renowned for his releases on Purified Records, Stil vor Talent and Parquet, Switzerland-based producer Paradoks has a flair for melodic creations that pack a serious punch. Receiving support from some of the most revered producers in the dance music space, he continues to impress with every release and show. Techno Mood had a chat with Paradoks to discuss his journey, what he has coming up and where we can see him next!

Hi Paradoks, welcome to Techno Mood. How has 2022 been so far for you?
Hey, thank you for having me! I started the year with some holidays in Mexico, but now I am fully focused in the studio since end of January. I didn’t have much time to produce in 2021, so now I’m really taking the time to catch up and make some new music.

Do you have any studio rituals that get you into the zone for producing?
I generally start producing in the morning, so my morning routine before making music is important. I stretch first thing in the morning, have breakfast, coffee, and then sometimes go for a walk or read a book. Then, when I get into the studio, I sit down, focus on my breathing for 5-10 min to slow down and become more mindful before I start. I also recently started writing down my intentions of the day in the studio and see at the end of the day if I followed them or not. This helps me to keep focused.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am working on many tracks right now, and it looks promising. Can’t wait to share them soon!

When live events started back up again, where was the first place you played and what was it like?
My first post-COVID event was in Barcelona, at Vila Habana with Denis Horvat and Mathame. It was one of my most memorable moments: an open-air with such a feeling of bliss. I saw so many smiles and really felt a strong connection with the crowd. Everybody was just so happy to dance again, it felt like celebrating life.

How do you stay inspired to create new music?
It helps to tour and play to keep the inspiration going, for sure. I also find a lot of inspiration in nature and by listening to new music. Seeing different places, connecting with different crowds and listening to new music all broaden perspectives and help me to channel that energy and inspiration into creativity.

If you could go back2back with any other DJ, who would it be and how do you feel your sounds would complement each other?
I would really enjoy a B2B with Nora En Pure. We are quite alike, not only in our sound selection but also in our way of working, and I’m sure we would have great synchronicity.

Have you had a mentor in your career thus far?
No, I never really had a mentor and have been mostly on my own until now. This doesn’t mean I didn’t make great friends which I can reach out to for advice, but there was no true guide in my career so far. However, I’m very grateful for all the important DJs who play my music and specifically Nora En Pure: she is the artist who has showed the most support for my music so far.

What has been your proudest moment so far?
Great question! I never really felt very proud of my achievements because I’m always one step ahead and there is still so much I want to do. But all in all, by looking back now, I’m proud to be where I am, especially since I started without any knowledge nor contacts in the industry. I stepped alone into an unknown realm with no directions where to go, my only guide being my passion for music and my determination to bring it further. Maybe a specific highlight for me was when I released “Floating” on Stil Vor Talent, because it was a label that inspired me a lot and I was aiming to release there for a few years. So, when it finally happened, it felt good.

When you are out of the studio, how do you like to unwind?
I love to go for a run or workout, go on a motorcycle ride, go skiing or hiking, meet up with good friends, swim in the lake, read a good book and do some yoga.

Where can we see you perform next?
So far, I have a few events confirmed in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. But there is more to come: once I finish my studio hibernation, I will start touring again all over the world.

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