R.A.N is a budding techno producer and DJ from Kyiv. Just beginning his career, he quickly became the resident of popular streaming project Radio Intense and one of the best night clubs in Kyiv – Heaven. In March this year R.A.N played at Codex Showcases in Odesa and Kyiv. And in June he broke into the electronic music world, debuting on the famous techno-label IAMT with a collaborative EP alongside Spartaque called “Red Channel On”.

Welcome to Techno Mood! How are you today and what have you been doing to fill your time as an artist?
Hi Techno Mood! Like all musicians, I’ve been working on my new tracks and joint projects! I’ve been looking for interesting singers to collaborate with too. I already miss the gigs and the crowds in Kyiv so much – I just want this to all be over with as quickly as possible so that we can once again get together and dive into the atmosphere of nightlife.

When did you first get into music? Were you interested in other genres before honing in on Techno as your style?
It was back in 2000. Seems like it was yesterday, but actually 20 years have passed. Time flies, that’s for sure! I was pretty much into anything. Back in the day, I was interested in all kinds of stuff, so I liked different styles and tried myself in them all too. But over time, I concluded that Techno has a core presence in all other styles. Techno rhythm is the most optimal – not too fast and not too slow. I remember one particular movie, 128 Beats, where the main character talks about rhythm from the scientific perspective. He says 128 BPM is the most accurate rhythm, the one that’s the best to dance to. I play 128-130 BPM. Techno is the best way to keep the crowd pumped up on the dancefloor. People never get tired and neither do they relax too much – that’s because the rhythm of Techno is the most universal one! And, no matter how many tracks I write, all other styles become boring at some point for me, while techno never does, which is evident by how popular it is worldwide.

You’ll be releasing your debut EP ‘Red Channel On’ alongside Spartaque. How did you guys meet and end up working on this EP together?
It was one of Kyiv’s most famous DJs, Key M, who introduced me to him. By the way, you should interview him, too – he’s a very interesting, extraordinary, creative, and a hyperactive character – you’d have lots of fun talking to him!

When I met Spartaque, I saw him – and I still do – as one of the vector-shaping DJs. He has been releasing the coolest tracks throughout his entire career, while his energy at the gigs is simply mind-blowing. I’ve always wanted to work alongside him! And when an opportunity hit, everything just happened the right way – I’m glad that he agreed to jointly produce some tracks! We had long discussions about the conditions on the market and the music style, and then we decided to create our joint EP ‘Red Channel On’. Thanks to his professionalism, the tracks have became so inspirational.

Spartaque’s IAMT label is one of the most influential imprints on the circuit currently, how does it feel to debut on such a well-respected label?
As I said earlier, I just grabbed the opportunity, did my best in negotiating, showed him what I had, and he liked my material. You know, you can even fly into space if you really want to…but actually, I tend not to overreact so as not to have my luck turn its back on me. There’s still a lot of work lying ahead, as well as performances. The fact that I became part of IAMT makes me really happy – it motivates me to work even harder. So, I hope our team will deliver more and more great stuff and I hope you guys will enjoy it. I appreciate the fact that Spartaque gave me this chance and I’m also grateful to Key M for his efforts toward making it all happen. Now I intend to realize my potential as much as possible!

Have you got any plans for future releases?
Of course, I’ve got lots of plans and lots of projects underway. More joint works with Spartaque are yet to come. I’ve also made quite a lot of pieces together with Key M, which will also be released on IAMT this August.

Do you think that growing up in the Ukraine influenced your sound and style as a producer?
Yes, sure! Ukraine is a very promising place in terms of the development of techno and other music styles, and I’m very happy to see this happening. Ukraine is really dynamic, and people react great to techno. I can’t think of anything special that I acquired as an artist due to being born and raised here – I am what I am. If I were born elsewhere in Europe, I’m sure I’d be the same person.

Which artists have been the biggest influences to you so far in your career?
I was especially influenced by Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and some other bands from that period. When they all emerged, it was the first time I’d ever heard anything like that. Back in the day, it was something astonishing!

You held residencies at Heaven in Kiev and at Radio Intense, how did these gigs come about?
I believe there are three main qualities people value artists for. The most important one is your music! Number 2 is who you are as an artist. Someone could produce good music, while being quite boring in their sets; failing to deliver the energy the crows expects – so it’s important to work on that too! And number 3 is your evolution – many artists would once release an interesting piece and get stuck at that one point for various reasons, of which the most common one is laziness!
I try as much as possible to uphold these three qualities.

Of course, Key M and Spartaque helped me out a lot. The guys professionally fixed my mistakes and gave me some good advice. This is invaluable experience for me, those guys are true professionals, and they dedicate everything to their craft!

Do you plan to do any tours once lockdown is over?
Well, yes, of course! I want to tour the whole world! I love Ukraine, I love Europe… I hope different audiences will love me too!!

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us. Do you have any final words for our readers?
I’d like to say a lot but, to be brief, I’d say one main thing – each of us is a creator. We’re creators of our lives, our work, and of our own kind, bringing children into this world! Humans are literally creators – and, by creating, people can truly be happy and feel that what they do isn’t in vain. I want each of you to find your place in this world. It all starts small, it’s just important that once you start you never stop! Life is rhythm, it’s a dance, so keep dancing while you shower, dance your life with your loved ones, and never stop. Always be young, don’t think about your age – dancing will always have the ability to make us happy. Create as you dance!