Having continued to raise the creative bar ever higher with his recent A Million Souls (BEDDIGI146) collaboration with the amazingly talented Francesca Lombardo, that was supplemented with an equally amazing downtempo Dub version highlight on John Digweeds recent Quattro (BEDQUATCD) mix compilation, Hannes Bieger knew his next Bedrock EP had to continue to push his inspiration even further and he has delivered magnificently.

His previous collaboration with Juan Hansen, the stunning Stars (BEDDIGI129) and its huge reception, meant that it was inevitable that their highly creative paths would cross again. A supremely talented composer/musician/vocalist, Juan is rapidly becoming legendary in the clubs of Argentina, guided by an exemplary ethos of mixing genres. His gentle voice is the perfect juxtaposition to Hannes drama-tinged composition.

Whereas the recent, critically acclaimed, Pele (Awesome Soundwave) album gave Hannes the freedom to explore more loose, raw and trippy, sometimes ambient musical concepts, the inherent discipline necessary to create the supremely focused club tracks for this new EP was a welcome and enjoyable change and it shows.

The essential genius of lead track Burn Your Love lies in the juxtaposition of Juan Hansens heart-melting, mellow, 60s West Coast vibed vocal performance with the music composition Hannes trademark layers of dramatic, hypnotic analogue synth magic, bedded on a perfectly dynamic, hip-swinging groove.

For the less vocally inclined, Ashes continues the instrumental production masterclass, pushing boundaries, as Hannes continues to explore his vision of the Bedrock sound, creating his distinctive brand of expertly designed melodic Techno, based around his classic kit: Minimoog, Moog Modular and Roland TB-303. It is, quite simply, a perfect finale to a most exceptional EP.