Tokyo Fan Club

Hi Tokyo Fan Club! Thanks for speaking with us today. How are things going and where are you situated right now?
Things are awesome at the moment. The album is doing better than we could have imagined and we are all truly grateful for everyone’s support. Currently, Kiki & Luke are in London and Gai is in Italy.

Congratulations on your debut album, We Live Electric on Bedrock! What can you tell us about this release?
Thank you so much. As we just said, the response has been absolutely amazing. It was a two year long journey that we are very proud of. It was a joy to make, putting all of our ideas together and now seeing the outcome is great. We work so well as a trio and can’t wait to start the next album which will probably get going in the next month or two. Just having a well-deserved break.

How did the collaboration between the three of you come about?
Luke & Gai have been working together for the last few years and we were using Kiki for vox on more and more tunes so we decided rather than just have ‘featuring Kiki Cave’ we would start something new as a group and it also has given us a chance to experiment with different types of music rather than just dance music. Best idea ever.

How did you approach John Digweed to sign the album to Bedrock and also to mix the album?
To be honest, it was actually John Digweed’s idea in the first place. He was doing his first Quattro album and phoned Luke & Gai up asking if we had anything down tempo we could send him. So, we sent over ‘Monsters’ that had Kiki singing on it. A few days later, John called us up and said he loved it and what did we think about doing a whole album. He didn’t have to ask us twice.

Where did the name ’Tokyo Fan Club’ come from?
We were spitballing names for ages and actually came up with about five different ones that were all great that we will probably use for either the next album title, or maybe names for tunes. But Tokyo Fan Club just seemed to roll off the tongue, also we are massive fans of Tokyo, so that helps.

Which other producers inspire you?
There are so many new and also established artists that we absolutely adore – from Brian Eno to Apparat to Four Tet and everyone In between. The three of us have such varied tastes from Rock, Hip Hop, Synth Wave, Dance Music to Ambient…that’s why it’s a joy to put all our different ideas together and see what comes out.

What can people expect from Tokyo Fan Club in 2023? Will you be touring the album at all?
We will be touring, we just need to work out some finer details as Gai lives in Italy, but there have been so many offers that we are very grateful for. Also, we will start the next album in Jan / Feb as it took two years to do the last one ?. Hopefully, this one won’t take as long as we have finally found our stride. Luke & Gai will be DJing as per usual. Watch this space!

Thank you for chatting with us today. To round things off, is there anything else upcoming that you would like to share with us?
Thank you so much for taking the time out to chat with us. Look out for some huge remixes from the album by some unbelievable producers over the next few months, it’s all very exciting x