Growing up in Tel Aviv, were there a lot of other artists making your style of music? What about growing up in Tel Aviv do you think has inspired your music?
So when I started to feel connected to the local scene. As a youngster, I was already crazy about music and consuming anything that is related to it, mainly Punk, Psych Rock, Funk, and Hip Hop! So at that time, I guess the sound of the scene was dominated by live rock influences, some sort of New wave if I can say, as a young clubber I immediately fell in love with that vibe, it had a lot of room for sound experimentation, strange vocals, psychedelic imprints and even going downtempo, it captivated me at first sight. Since my comparison of electronic music was too trance, I thought these New Wave sounds I’m hearing are actually a very brave thing to play to dancers.It was very exciting for me to listen, it made me feel like I am a part of something new that is happening in my local scene. So I think growing up in Tel Aviv there is a certain braveness and uniqueness to the local creators, maybe it is the rudeness mentality of the people in the city that are not shy to try new things and tell it to you straight to your face!

What does this EP mean to you and what inspired the songs on this record?
Well, I wrote Disko for the twilight zone as a moment of laughter towards the unpredictable. The world was just coming out of Corona, the atmosphere was still quite heavy in life and clubs were having a hard time staying alive, it was very sad so I had to laugh a bit. That brought me to write – “serious times for a serious club !” As for “From the speaker on the right”, when I started going to raves, people were always saying “I’ll see you at the right speaker” sub meaning – we will dance so hard close to the blasting speaker! That is on the surface level, on the deeper level I actually wrote about a generation of people that can’t feel satisfied with anything so he has to fill up with loud music to feel good inside. “Take some time” is just a message to myself when I feel like time is slipping away, that good things take some time.

What kind of gear, and plugins, did you use to create this EP? How long did it take for you to produce the record?
This Ep is a combination of Live vocals, distorted guitars, Roland drum machine TR8s, 0-coast by make noise and Moog Mother 32 which I just love. The creation process had no constraints, I didn’t try to fit into any niche or genre this time, the only goal was to put together a musical piece that can express my texts and live instruments playing.

How did you end up releasing Iptamenos Discos?
When I was living in Berlin I used to go out a lot to Renate Club, where a common friend introduced me to Brax Moody and Vamparala, we had a very good connection and kept in touch. I learned a lot from them about the music industry, nightlife, and musical inspiration!

What is the best routine to start working on music? What is your routine/ your process?
For me an idea can be born also outside of the studio, I try to observe many forms of art all-time – movies or graphics, as well as staying on the hunt for new musical inspiration, it also keeps me motivated to create. Then when I’m in the studio I really try to leave any self-judgment outside of the room and just try to mess around with my machine or a bass guitar.
There is no certain order for me when it comes to making music, going into the studio is like a little journey – you would not know what to expect.

What made you move to Berlin and how did it influence you? And how was the move back to Tel Aviv?
I moved to Berlin in late 2018 and came back in early 2021, the main reason was my music production degree, but of course, I absorbed much more from what this colorful city has to offer. Values of freedom and openness between human beings is a very good things to surround yourself with when making music. Then at some point, I heard this voice in me whispering it is time to find your meaning within a scene. Going abroad is a great adventure but there is something about creating for your local people that is exciting, even if it is a small scene.

What can we expect from you in the future?
The same stuff only better, the passion never ends. More music is coming up and I am planning to perform with my new and improved live set in early 2024!