Closer is all about connecting the dots and creating a communal party experience that lasts long in the memory. On May Day Bank Holiday weekend, it makes a triumphant return to London with a bold techno line-up. E1 is the only place to be on Saturday 4th May as two titans are given a room each.

Full line-up announced.

Warehouse: Pan-Pot, FJAAK (DJ Set), Ben Sterling

Black Studio: Alan Fitzpatrick, La Fleur, Antonio De Angelis

What makes E1 the perfect venue, is that it retains the intimacy of a small club within a raw, warehouse aesthetic. We’ve carefully selected a line-up that will get the optimum output from the technology put in front of them. Performers who are audiophiles themselves, and care as much about the sound quality when they play out as they do when they’re tucked away in the studio. Artists whose productions and repertoire sound better on a crisp, tuned-up sound system. And what better, than E1’s self-styled Wall of Sound?

The Second State bosses are renowned for their unflinching take on techno – making them ideal headliners. We Are The Brave stalwart Alan Fitzpatrick will also bring his unapologetic, bolshy beats with throwback nods to E1 on the night.

Closer to the artists. Closer to the music. Closer to one another.