Monolink Portrait Berlin, Kreuzberg, 2021

Michael Klein returns to Pan-Pot’s Second State imprint with ‘No Mercy EP’, featuring three mammoth techno cuts.

Frankfurt born and Berlin based Michael Klein returns to Pan-Pot’s Second State for his next EP on the label. Following on from 2020’s big hits ‘Der Sturm Kommt’ and ‘Hoisin’ the ‘No Mercy’ EP builds from an incredibly productive year for the BLK DRP label boss.

‘No Mercy’ opens proceedings with a subdued synth, subtle kick and concentrated snare hits. A bellowing kick drum then follows while a 303 cuts through and creates a dark twisted undertone for the listener. Snare drums and claps each add an element of texture that ties everything together and any let off or respite is short lived before diving back in head first to the sonic storm.

‘Joker Smile’ is up next. Keeping with the tone of the record so far, a heavily weighted acidic lead orchestrates a foreboding atmosphere from the get-go. The furious acid notes swirl in and out before blistering hi-hats and snares are infused. Rapid percussion builds a sense of adrenaline and restlessness pushing the energy higher while an ever-present kick drum slams over and over leaving the power of the 303 to take full effect.

Bringing things to a close on the EP is ‘Sticky’ where Michael shows us his ability to build melody and synths seamlessly into heavy and powerful techno tracks. A rhythmic plucking synth runs throughout this finisher that builds and plummets into itself. Jolting claps and hi-hats are paired together raising the intensity. Distorted vocal samples ring out in the distance adding to the malicious dark nature of the track. These twisted samples become more and more entangled drawing you in deeper until the end.

Michael once again shows that his abilities in the studio make him a force to be reckoned with – and his newest release blasts speakers with no mercy.