Ninno Mancini is a Macedonian born DJ and producer who has been musically raised between Italy and Macedonia, Ninno Mancini is promising producer and has already developed a notorious reputation all over in his country.

Mancini holds up an impressive arsenal of hard-hitting beats accompanied by captivating and melancholic strings. Raw techno mixed with epic harmonies are the main ingredients of his signature sound.

He played and was praised at just about every single club, He performed at several big festivals such as Revolution Festival, Exit Festival, Signal Festival, GreenFest and more.

Ninno Mancini has managed to release on top labels such as. Techno Mood Records, Renesanz Records, Yin Yang Records, Sounds R Us Recordings and share the stage with big artist.

He is swiftly conquering other countries as well with visits to UK, Italy and The Balkan. As a freshly introduced member of the Techno Mood family you can be sure that his work won’t stop here.

Today 5th of May Ninno Mancini is celebrating his 29th birthday so he decided to share his latest and some old original track as an exchange for a birthday cake for free. In the following link you can find his 6 original track’s who are made during his career.