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With more than 15 years of making waves in the global techno circuit, Oscar L is a man who needs no introduction. His productions are characterized by a very personal sound that combines classic and peculiar influences simultaneously. On his debut EP for Factory 93 Records, Oscar brings together thumping percussion, playful synth work, and keen attention to detail to create two monster tracks that have been tearing up dancefloors throughout 2022.

“Arena” is a wild journey that builds suspense throughout the track, periodically dropping into dark and unpredictable grooves. The various sections are wound together by a hefty midrange synth that fluctuates and oscillates chaotically, shifting to half-time permutations that seem to slow down time itself.

“Utopia” is more straightforward arrangement-wise, starting off strong and leading into a big breakdown that’s characterized by shuffling arpeggios and an ethereal, ghostly vocal. The mix becomes awash in reverb before slamming back into bass and drums that underscore Oscar’s more intricate ear candy elements.

“‘Arena’ and ‘Utopia’ are two tracks that break the dancefloor,” says Oscar L. “I think they fit perfectly within Factory93’s philosophy: offering its public a great show and unrepeatable feeling.”