Fusing his profound and rhythmic Afro-Tech sound with South African vocalist Mikhaela Faye’s alluring vocal piece, ‘Calling Out Your Name’ is a conceptual and emotive creation. Reinforced by Shimza’s stirring melodies and captivating musical arrangement, the lyrics cut deep, alluding to the climate crisis and the degenerative state of the earth’s green lungs. Inviting fellow South African producer Kostakis to remix the title track, his rendition takes the original to a darker dimension. Brimming with late night rapturing synths, dramatic percussion and a driving bassline, Kostakis expertly transforms the original into a peak-time anthem, delivering a more urgent message for much-needed change. The EP’s third and final offering, ‘Maru’, is rich with intricate sound design elements, including a low growling bass line that adds an intoxicating charm to this immersive cut. A series of layered cadences make for a heady experience, grounded only by an earthy piano-led chord progression that reflects musicality in its truest form.