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After a transformative five-year hiatus, Thomas Jack is back with the best music of his career. Tight, sleek, and sophisticated, these new productions evolve well beyond the tropical house sound Jack pioneered in the mid-2010s and mark a new era of the Thomas Jack story.

This new chapter begins with the lush and propulsive “Sandman.” A four-year labor of love for Thomas, the MGMT and INXS-inspired single expands the room with an array of vintage synths, live drum kits, huge basslines, and melodic leads. No doubt, though, it’s Thomas’ voice that stands out above all – this is the final piece of the puzzle that enabled Thomas to complete the track and realize his overall vision for his much-heralded return.

“I was thinking about what is it that makes music special and I realized it’s really about the voice. Look at Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury, once they are gone you can’t recreate that. I thought that If I can focus on my voice being on the music then the genre becomes my voice and I can be in a lane of my own. I couldn’t sing at all. When I was in LA, I got a vocal coach who told me that it will take me a long time – training like three hours a day for five years to see progress. So that’s why it took so long for me my voice to a professional level where I can perform where it will be true to the records,” Thomas says.

Thomas’ decision to put his career on hiatus and follow his heart down this new path is particularly daring and bold when you consider what he left behind. His massive 2015 hit “Rivers” positioned him as a key architect of the then exploding tropical house genre, a warm sunbeam of a sound that Jack forged alongside peers like Kygo, Sam Feldt, and Matoma. Seven years later, “Rivers” remains a classic of the genre, with that song, subsequent smashes like “Rise Up” and the rest of Jack’s catalog altogether aggregating over 300 million on-demand streams globally – not to mention a lucrative touring schedule.

“There was so much pressure and thoughts of what if this isn’t as good as what I did in the past? People thought I was crazy to do this, but I kept following my heart and believed that it felt right and kept going. Truthfully, I didn’t expect it to take so long. I had all these singles done but I couldn’t get my vocal tone to fit. So I did month after month of vocal exercises to make it better. I still have a long way to go but singing has become my biggest passion now. It completely changed how I make and think about music,” Thomas adds.

“Sandman” is out now via his own label, Kamaruka – watch this space for more Thomas Jack music announcements through the spring and summer months.