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UMEK is back on 1605, and this time he brings his alter ego Zeta Reticula plus friend, Mha Iri along for the ride.

The Slovenian techno don has been a driving force in Europe’s techno scene for over two decades, and has left his mark with numerous genre defining tracks. Showing off some of his early influence, Zeta Reticula is an alias that UMEK used when working in the classic electro style of Detroit.

Zeta Reticula tracks usually get released on limited runs of vinyl that quickly sell out, but this time he has decided to utilise his own 1605 label, which in recent times has become the main outlet for UMEK tracks.

Alongside the analogue tones and dystopian synths of the Model 500-esque “Reticulate”, which is true to the classic electro style pioneered by Juan Atkins and Drexciya. The EP’s lead track presents Australian talent Mha Iri who has been making waves across the world with her fusion of modern techno and ’90s trance elements.

Mha Iri has already had her own solo release on 1605 in addition to a track featured on a mixed artist EP, and she is clearly impressing UMEK with a unique style that’s both classic and forward thinking.

Both the tracks on this EP contrast in style and would usually be from other worlds in terms of the style DJs would play, but rather fittingly, that further matches the sci-fi theme that ties the concept together.

I guess the lead track with Mha Iri called “Watchers of the Sky” could represent earth in this instance, as its very much in line with the main room style that people have come to expect from 1605. So, sticking with the sc-fi analogy, UMEK vs Zeta Reticula’s “Reticulate” would be the space invader with the ominous vocals in its opening and laser beam, synth sounds.