A raw and uncompromising techno track from her forthcoming debut EP Siren. byjayr is the alias of Jeena Ra, a producer and visual artist who makes music that ranges from cinematic, progressive house to evocative breaks and gritty industrial techno, with influences as diverse as Sevdaliza to grunge-era Nirvana. After Djing since 2016, she is releasing the first music of her career, with Muhit the lead single from her forthcoming EP Siren.

Born in Canada to Palestinian parents and raised around the globe, byjayr created a name for herself around Montreal’s art scene as a visual artist, displaying her bold art pieces and murals around the city, and that boldness of expression has carried through to her musical productions.

While previous single Muhit demonstrated the restrained and delicately atmospheric side of byjayr’s production, Nahji is pure, untamed power and menace. Raw and uncompromising with industrial, metallic percussion and a seething, anarchic bassline, listening to Nahji is a visceral experience, one that plunges you into the aphotic depths of techno.

Nahji is the second single to be released from her forthcoming debut EP Siren, and is another extraordinary record from byjayr.