The news spreading through the scene is that Minimal techno master Richie Hawtin is playing at Berghain after six years, but what makes it a news worth hearing is that Richie was amongst a group of revellers thrown out of this club.

Richie Hawtin was reportedly hustled out of the Berghain because of clubs strict rules.

According to an article on trackitdown from 2009. it all happened behind the DJ booth, where it should be fairly calm and relaxed compared to things on the dance floor, where all the jumpers and dancers are. Richie Hawtin experienced that the jurisdiction of the club guards because he was in the DJ booth when he wasnt suppose to play.

Dubfire, who’d been played a 6 hour set at the club earlier, Twittered about the incident, calling the club’s bouncers total pricks’ and accusing them of ‘roughing up a lot of our crew’ while Hawtin used Facebook to register his displeasure.

“U know what, BERGHEIM (sic) is a great club once you are inside, but why does the door policy have to be so ridiculously hard,” the superstar DJ complained.

“Come on guys, you have a great club but don’t act so egotistically cool. We would all love to play and work with you, but you need a serious attitude adjustment!!! Good luck and remember those who have been supporting your scene before you even opened,” he said.

The incident polarized reactions on message-boards between people slamming Berghain’s infamously strict door policy (mainly by those previously rejected) and regulars praising their refusal to treat celebrities and VIPs any differently from everybody else . Hawtin took to Facebook to complain about the venue’s door policy, saying that Berghain is “a great club” but needs “a serious attitude adjustment.”

Richie’s first gig after six years is taking place on Friday, June 29, Hawtin will play alongside Panorama Bar resident, Roi Perez.


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