Prepare to be transported to a realm of relentless techno energy as BEC unleashes her latest EP, “Sixth Dimension.” This rising star has taken the techno scene by storm with her electrifying sets and groundbreaking productions. Now, she delivers a 4-track sonic journey that will captivate fans and ignite dancefloors worldwide, courtesy of Filth on Acid.

Leading the charge is the eponymous title track, “Sixth Dimension,” a pulsating force of nature. A driving techno rhythm lays the foundation, while a scattered synth line and euphoric rave stabs build an irresistible wave of anticipation and energy. Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled ride through the realms of sonic bliss.

Continuing the ascent, “Set My Body Free” intertwines bright and uplifting keys with a darker techno backdrop, maintaining the EP’s relentless pace. As the layers intermingle, a captivating soundscape emerges, commanding both body and mind to surrender to the hypnotic rhythm.

In “Utopian,” BEC unleashes a relentless assault of heaving percussions and intergalactic synth lines. The track propels listeners on an exhilarating journey that explores multiple directions. Sample-heavy, jagged, and cutty, it creates a whirlwind of movement, igniting dancefloors into a frenzy.

Rounding off this techno masterpiece is the awe-inspiring finale, “Dialogue.” The track wastes no time, launching with a quickfire snare drum that sets an immediate sense of urgency. A booming kick and brooding baselines connect with industrial sounds, while a commanding female vocal sample demands the listener’s attention. With its boundless power, “Dialogue” leaves an indelible mark, providing a striking closing to BEC’s “Sixth Dimension.”